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Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Louisiana

To: IIABL Members & Associate Members

Fm: Jeff Albright

Re: IIABL Efforts to Improve the Louisiana Automobile Insurance Market / Tort Reform

For nearly two years IIABL has been working with the insurance industry and business community to improve the Louisiana automobile insurance market with a significant tort reform effort. Support of the business community is critical to this effort.

The Louisiana Association of Business & Industry (LABI) has developed a plan for auto/tort reform called the LABI 20/20 Judicial Vision. The plan is simple:

1. Coalition Building – engage the entire business community in the reform effort.
2. Messaging & Education – communicate the need for change to the public.
3. Legal Advisory Council will develop the best reform plans possible.
4. Program of Work - specific reforms that make the legal system better.
5. Advocacy – grassroots political pressure on the legislature and courts for reforms. THIS MEANS YOU!
6. Scorecards – for legislators and judges to show who supports legal reforms.
7. Elections – elect the right legislators in 2019 and the right judges in 2020. The elections this fall are crucial to changing the legislative and legal environment in Louisiana.

The tort reform coalition LABI has created is called the Louisiana Free Enterprise Institute (LFEI) https://lafeinstitute.com/. IIABL was an early member of LFEI and has contributed $60,000 to fund a grassroots effort to educate the public on the auto/tort problem.

Here is where you come in. The LFEI Auto Insurance Pushcard is available in this digital format for you to share with your customers by email, website, social media, etc.

In addition, this past week LFEI shipped 1000 hard copy pushcards to every IIABL member agency so that you can hand them out and mail them to customers. Please let us know if you want additional pushcards.

When customers ask why their automobile insurance is so expensive…explain it with a pushcard and ask them to contact their legislator to demand tort reforms.

The Louisiana Legislature and Governor can solve the auto/tort problem. The pushcards direct people to the LFEI website where they will be able to contact their legislators to demand action.

Together we can reform the Louisiana Legislature in the elections this fall, and next year pass tort reform to improve our legal system and the automobile insurance market.

Will you do your part?